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Steinwittener Färse

The heifer meat, matured on the bone, comes from grown female animals that have not yet calved. The animals are brought up under the best circumstances in Germany. The meat is characterized by a full taste, strong musculature and an even marbling.
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MooQ und Jubu

The meat of hand-selected cattle from Germany. All cows must be fully grown to belong into the premium category. By the duration time of 21 days, we achieve a unique taste.
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Our veal comes from the best cows and is crammed exclusively with roughage. The meat of the young animals is being matured for 3 weeks for an intensive flavour.
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We exclusively use old German land races for breeding and fattening. By the maturation over 21 days, we receive an intensive, tender and soft pork of the highest quality.
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Emsrind is a label for special premium meat that has been hung dry on the bone over several weeks.
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